Why would we all help each other if the pool grows when people don’t reach their goal?

Over the years we have found that the prize pool is more about accountability and NOT losing rather than winning large sums of money.  Most people hate to lose more than they like to win.  And – let’s face it – playing a game like this isn’t a very good retirement strategy.  😉  You aren’t going to get rich doing this – but you are going to get healthy which in turn leads to greater productivity and possibly greater opportunity in life!!  Even if you don’t “win” many of our participants say that just being a part and heading in the right direction was worth their “bet”!

What is the history of

When BOYH founder Joe McKamey found himself significantly overweight he tried many different weight loss methods.  It wasn’t until he found a competition in his local community called Lose to Win that he found success.  The idea of community and competition was helpful to so many!  Joe found that inspiring others to lose weight did more than just help them get healthy – but it gave them their lives back!  They could be who they were created to be!  The local competition became a community staple.  After encouragement from many locals Joe decided to take the competition idea and grow it outside of his community and thus BOYH was born!

Is this gambling?

No way! We wouldn’t be involved in anything illegal, immoral, or unethical and frankly can’t believe you asked! LOL…just kidding! In all seriousness gambling has to meet 3 criteria:  chance, consideration, and prize.  All of our challenges have no chance involved.  You have 100% control over your own actions!

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