Lynn G

Bet On Your Health gives me just the right amount of accountability and encouragement to stay on track with my weight-loss and exercise goals. Breaking my total weight-loss goal down into smaller monthly goals keeps me motivated and helps me feel the satisfaction of making progress every month. This program came along right when I needed it, and I highly recommend it as an excellent tool for anyone who is committed to improving their health and exercise habits.

Dana Y gives me the motivation to choose healthy goals and stick to them, no matter what, so that I don’t lose my bet! The fact that the challenges change from month to month keeps my interest piqued, making getting and staying fit so much more fun. I love that I can participate from the comfort of my home, not worrying about scheduling my life around weigh in meetings. Coach Joe is a wonderful motivator and educator and he keeps my interest and spirits high with his posts in the private Bet On Your Health online support group. I highly recommend to my friends and family who, like me, need that extra boost to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Katie D

I love Bet On Your Health for many reasons. It has allowed me to continue in my weight loss journey and held me accountable to those goals. It’s an amazing tool that has helped me set new goals each month and through encouragement and motivation from others, I have achieved them. I love that I’m betting on myself to push harder and strive for a better me. The coolest thing is I’m losing weight by staying accountable and getting paid to do it! It’s also a great place to meet new people who are on this journey with you! I don’t feel like I’m doing this alone but I love that I’m doing this with a group of people walking the same path. Because of BOYH I’m successfully down 10 pounds and striving each day to make it great and have fun while doing it!

Kim W

Bet on Your Health has been a life changer for me already! My boss had posted a sitting, full body picture of me on Twitter that very day and it blew my mind seeing that photo and realizing how much weight I had gained. I had also begun having severe gastritis, my doctor told me I had to lose weight and I knew something had to change! That night I got an email from Joe McKamey talking about the program and I joined without hesitation and immediately.

In three and a half months, I have lost 30 pounds and even lost over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! BOYH offers encouragement, support and even new friendships due to the energy and excitement the support group brings. Joe is such a motivator with his live updates, health reminders, weekly weigh-ins, leader boards, and of course, the check when you are successful! He shares his personal successes and past struggles so it helps this journey feel real and helps me know he understands what I am facing. I still have a goal to lose 120 pounds and have no doubt I will continue to meet this goal through the support of BOYH!

47 years old
Wife, Mom to 3 teen boys, Teacher, Baseball Mom, Band Mom, Youth Leader, Hope Ministry Meals Coordinator, TN promise mentor (Just some of my business that shows you can be busy and still make time for you!)

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