How it works

  • Select Your Challenges For the Month

    Select your challenges for the month. You can choose as many or as few challenges as you wish. Currently each challenge begins by the 5th day of the month and ends on the final day of the month.

  • Register Using the PLAY Now! link above

    Click PLAY Now! above to register for the next challenge. Currently challenges are held monthly. You may register and weigh in by the 5th of the month.

  • Create Your Results Tracking Account

    Create your account to track your results by clicking “Submit My Results” above. If you are a returning user you will not need to create a new account. You may simply use your previously created account.

  • SUbMIT Data For Your Selected Challenges

    We encourage you to log in frequently and keep your challenge data current. Each challenge has specific time windows in which you can submit your data. Be sure to understand these windows prior to placing your bet.

  • WIN Do Your Final Reports and WIN!

    Once the month is over we will calculate the winners for the given challenges. Payouts for competitors who successfully completed their challenges will happen by the 10th of the month following the challenge. WE HOPE YOU WIN!!

* The following are the requirements unless otherwise noted:

Weight loss challenges initial weigh in – must be submitted by the 5th of the month Weight loss challenges weigh OUT – must be submitted during the final four days of the month and not earlier Activity based challenges – activity must be submitted within the 7-day window for it to count toward your challenge

Challenges for the upcoming month can be found by clicking “Current Challenges” in the menu above or by clicking HERE.

Important items to understand about challenges
  • Each challenge comes with its own set of rules and prizes. Please make sure you understand the rules and prizes for each challenge before you commit. If you have questions please contact us. We are HAPPY to answer any questions you may have!

  • The first month you participate in the weight loss challenge you will be challenged to lose at least 4% of your body weight. If you are successful each consecutive, successful month following you will only be required to lose 3% of your weight. If you elect to take the 3% challenge we will use your final weight from your most recent challenge as your initial weight for your 3% challenge. We do this to help reward you and to avoid unhealthy weight loss.

  • The prize money for the prize pools come from those that are unsuccessful in completing their challenge. Please don’t feel sorry for them. Most people that have truly tried but didn’t complete their challenge report they are still thankful they participated because it was a helpful process. If someone signs up but doesn’t try you deserve their money anyway

  • If you participate in the weight loss challenge your BMI must be 22 or greater. We do not wish to encourage unhealthy weight loss.

  • In order to participate in the weight loss challenge you need to have the ability to do one of the following: Weigh in and out at one of our weigh in locations


    Weigh in and out using your own scale, a camera (camera phone works best), and the weigh in/out word. The word will be emailed to you and available on the submissions form at the appropriate time. You will need to have the ability to upload the pictures to our web form. This process may sound complicated but it is actually very simple! If you can upload a picture to social media or buy something from Amazon you can definitely navigate our weigh in and out process.



Life is more fun when you experience it with others!  We will connect you with our community of coaches and competitors who are sure to encourage you in your journey.  You may not have many people around you that will support you on your health and fitness journey.  We want to surround you with people who want to see you succeed!



Life is more fulfilling with purpose! We strive to help you become the best and healthiest version of yourself. Too often reversible health issues like fatigue and depression can limit us from being who we want to be. Along the journey we will challenge you to live on PURPOSE! SO MUCH is still POSSIBLE for YOU!



Life is exciting when you win prizes! We all need some extra motivation sometimes. If prizes such as cash, t-shirts, and recognition motivate you then we have you covered. Many prizes that we award are FULLY within your control. “If it is to be, it is up to me!” Let’s grow YOUR piggy bank!

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